SEAMEO CECCEP Took Strides in Monitoring and Evaluating the PPSP Program for Enhanced Impact

Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization - Center for Early Childhood Care Education and Parenting (SEAMEO CECCEP) undertook comprehensive monitoring and evaluation of the Parenting Program for Stunting Prevention (PPSP) in the Baturaja District, Ogan Komering Ulu, South Sumatra, Indonesia. The purpose of this monitoring and evaluation was to actively address early childhood stunting issues, promote better parenting practices, and enhance child nutrition.

The monitoring and evaluation sessions took place on October 19, 2023, spanning various locations such as the State Kindergarten Pembina 01 OKU, Early Childhood Education Tunas Harapan in the East Baturaja sub-district, and others. The PPSP program, implemented by early childhood educators, demonstrated SEAMEO CECCEP's commitment to ensuring the effectiveness and impact of this training. Leading the monitoring and evaluation process was Irfan Ansori, Head of the Research and Development Division of SEAMEO CECCEP.

The PPSP program focused on educating parents and caregivers on essential practices related to nutrition, health, and overall child development. The goal was to reduce stunting cases in Ogan Komering Ulu, South Sumatra. Through workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions, parents were equipped with valuable knowledge and skills to provide optimal care for their children, ultimately addressing early childhood stunting issues.

Irfan Ansori emphasized the importance of assessing program outcomes to refine and enhance its impact on the community. He expressed optimism regarding the expected positive changes and improvements in the lives of families in the region resulting from the PPSP program.

Drs. H. Topan Indra Fauzi, MM, Head of the Education Office in Ogan Komering Ulu, expressed gratitude for SEAMEO CECCEP's dedication in addressing crucial issues such as stunting through innovative programs like PPSP. He highlighted the significance of collaborative efforts in promoting a healthier and more prosperous future for children in the city.

The monitoring and evaluation sessions provided an opportunity for SEAMEO CECCEP to gather insights, feedback, and best practices from participants. This information was analyzed to continue initiatives that impacted the development of young children. SEAMEO CECCEP remained committed to fostering positive change in society through targeted programs, and the PPSP initiative stood as evidence of its dedication to creating a brighter and healthier future for the next generation.


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