SEAMEO CECCEP Strengthen Collaboration with Universitas Islam International Indonesia

SEAMEO CECCEP consolidated collaboration with Universitas Islam International Indonesia (IIIU), and the signing ceremony was done synchronously at Depok, 7 March 2023. This cooperation agreement will be realized through holding internships and other collaborative programs including publications and international conferences.

As stated by Prof. Vina Adriany, Ph.D, SEAMEO CECCEP is open to collaborating with various partners in strengthening capacity and making an impact on early childhood education and parenting. She also expressed her hopes that both parties could feel all the benefits fairly.

Prof. Nina Nurmila, Ph.D. also said that internships provide many benefits, so students are advised to take part in this program at SEAMEO CECCEP. The internship program will be the fastest realization of the MoU, in which students from the Faculty of Education will undergo internships for two weeks to one month at CECCEP's SEAMEO office in Bandung.

On the other hand, Prof. Vina explained the various programs that are being carried out by SEAMEO CECCEP, one of which is a policy brief on child care. Universal child care is very important considering that one of the basic rights of children is to get quality care services.

In the end, the discussion in this meeting was closed with a short discussion with UIII students regarding the technical internship at SEAMEO CECCEP. This collaboration would run optimally and be the first step in optimizing the role of a better institution.