SEAMEO CECCEP with Sangga Buana University Collaborate to Support Early Childhood Care and Education Programme

Bandung 3 February 2023- SEAMEO CECCEP has again collaborated with Sangga Buana University. This collaboration is an initiative to explore the cooperation that has been done before. The purpose of signing this MoU is initiation to develop the ECCE program.

In his remarks, Dr. Didin Saepudin, SE., M.Si, rector of Sangga Buana University, said that this collaboration was the first step in establishing further cooperation. He also highlighted the importance of early childhood education and parenting. He noted that early childhood education requires a lot of support, including educational facilities.

Facilities and infrastructure are the main things in every institution, including early childhood education institutions. Each institution must have good facilities and comply with eligibility standards to support a learning process. Child-friendly schools are schools that consciously seek to guarantee and fulfill children's rights in every aspect of life in a planned and responsible manner. The main principles of child-friendly schools are non-discrimination, the interests of children, the right to life, and respect for children.

"I am very grateful for the opportunity to visit SEAMEO CECCEP. This visit is momentum for Sangga Buana University to assist the state and higher government in implementing the tri-dharma of higher education. So that the role of the campus and the role of SEAMEO CECCEP is very much needed in advancing early childhood development and parenting, Didin said."

Prof. Vina also introduced the institution's profile. SEAMEO CECCEP is a regional intergovernmental organization founded in 1965 among the governments of Southeast Asian countries to promote regional cooperation in education, science, and culture in the region.

SEAMEO CECCEP is essential and focuses on cultural, social, and educational development. "We focus on research and connect policy research, capacity building, advocacy, and partnership. We have become a "hub" institution in ECE and family education, academics, and children as said, Prof. Vina."

Based on the SDGs' goals, all girls and boys have the right to access quality early childhood development and care, care, and pre-primary education, so they are ready for primary education.

Vina also highlighted quality early childhood education services and the importance of participation in education services for boys and girls to have the right to a proper education, anti-bias education, the importance of conducting research studies, and early childhood research on the values ??of equality.

Child-friendly schools are not building new buildings but instead a new paradigm in educating and teaching students to create a new generation that is resilient without violence, growing the sensitivity of adults in education units to fulfill rights and protect students.

To realize Child-friendly schools, it is necessary to support various parties, including the family and the community, which are the closest educational centers for children. An environment that promotes, protects, and gives children a sense of security and comfort will significantly assist the process of finding identity. Finally, the event closed with the MoU signing ceremony represented by the Director of SEAMEO CECCEP and the rector of Sangga Buana University.