Empowering Education: SEAMEO CECCEP's Impact at the West Java Education Festival 2024

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  • May 31 , 2024

National Education Day 2024 was celebrated vibrantly with SEAMEO CECCEP's active participation in the West Java Education Festival. Hosted at the prestigious SABUGA Building ITB, Bandung, from 29 May to 31 May 2024, the event was a collaborative effort among BBGP and BBPMP West Java, SEAMEO QITEP in Language, SEAMEO QITEP in Science, SEAMEO CECCEP and other partners.

SEAMEO CECCEP took center stage by organizing a captivating three-day talk show at the SABUGA auditorium. Delving into the realms of early childhood education, the sessions explored challenges, best practices, and the pivotal role of parents in fostering an inclusive and sustainable educational ecosystem.

The talk show, comprising two sessions daily, featured renowned speakers who delved into diverse topics. Dr. Tina Hayati Dahlan kicked off the event with an enlightening discourse on "Happy Me, Happy Family," emphasizing the significance of self-happiness in effective parenting. Following this, Prof. Vina Adriany, Ph.D., Director of SEAMEO CECCEP, shed light on "Building a Culture of Zero Child Abuse."

Day two witnessed engaging discussions on "Children's Rights in Education and Care" led by Hani Yulindasari, Ph.D., and Fatima Rahmah, S.Psi. M.Ed. Key points included the principles of non-discrimination, prioritizing children's best interests, and amplifying children's voices with respect.

The finale on the third day featured sessions on "Leadership Concepts in ECD" by Yohan Rubiantoro, Ph.D., and "Digital Leadership" by Iwan Aries Setyawan, MT.I. Mr. Iwan underscored the importance of digital leadership, advocating for technology proficiency, cybersecurity awareness, and ethical technology use in early childhood education.

Beyond the talk show, SEAMEO CECCEP engaged visitors with an interactive exhibition showcasing its early childhood care and education programs. The booth offered informative flyers and engaging games, fostering enthusiasm among the 890 visitors over the event's duration.

The festival culminated in a lively award presentation, gratitude speeches, and captivating performances, reflecting the collective commitment to advancing education in Indonesia. Looking ahead, organizers expressed hopes for future editions, continuing the tradition of celebrating and advancing education in the nation.