I am pleased to present CECCEP Newsletters’ 5th edition in May 2023. This edition comes with the theme “Fulfillment of Children’s Rights in Caregiving, “ which was prepared in collaboration with all CECCEP divisions. SEAMEO CECCEP has demonstrated its efforts and contributions to the Southeast Asian region to achieve its vision and mission. SEAMEO CECCEP has also attempted to implement its programs through Research and Development (R&D), Capacity Building (CB), and Advocacy and Partnership (AP).


  • Model: Fulfillment of Children’s Rights is a Shared Responsibility
  • Focus: Father’s Role in Parenting Highlight
  • Activity: 52nd SEAMEO Council Conference with SEAMEO Service Award
  • Documentation: SEAMEO CECCEP, ASEAN Secretariat, and UNICEF EAPRO Working Together in Realizing SDGs.
  • Module: Fulfillment of Children’s Rights with Our Happy Neighborhood (OHN) Module
  • Module: Parenting Program for Stunting Prevention (PPSP) Module
  • Webinar: Children and Playing
  • Documentation: Collaboration Between SEAMEO CECCEP and Partners in 2023
  • Popular Articles: Independent Curriculum in ECCE Units
  • Model: Ethno Parenting in West Sumatra (Minangkabau Culture-Based Parenting)
  • Highlight Activity: Personal Skill Development by Internship Program
  • Popular Article: Fun English Learning Strategies for Early Childhood at Home
  • Documentation: Director of SEAMEO CECCEP Pays a Visit to Quezon City University
  • Popular Article: Attachment of Parents with Children
  • Popular Article: The Roles of fathers and Mothers in preventing stunting



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