SEAMEO CECCEP and UNESA Continuing Collaboration

On 8 December 2022- Southeast Asian Ministers of Organization Regional Centre for Early Childhood Care Education and Parenting (SEAMEO CECCEP), as a development centre engaged in the field of early childhood education and parenting, commits to realizing early childhood education and parenting that supports for the competency improvements in  ASEAN community. Based on the vision and mission of SEAMEO CECCEP has a role in improving the quality of Early Childhood Education and Parenting in Indonesia.

To realize this vision and mission, SEAMEO CECCEP took the initiative to collaborate with academic partners, one of the universities is Universitas Negeri Surabaya (UNESA). To support the collaborations SEAMEO CECCEP has signed the MoU. This event was implemented by virtual mode, on the occasions of The 3rd UNESA International Forum of University Rectors (UNIFUR). In this UNIFUR SEAMEO CECCEP representative by Mr. Ith Vuthy, Deputy Director for Program, signed the MoU on behalf of SEAMEO CECCEP director. 

Besides SEAMEO CECCEP, several institutions have signed the MoU with UNESA for collaboration as Shanghai University, Go Study Global Education China, and NISAI Group United Kingdom.

In the cooperation agreement, the parties establish a bond to collaborate academically in research programs, exchange resource persons or carry out useful collaborative programs, like joint research, teacher capacity building, and advocacy partnerships on early childhood education and parenting.

The cooperation agreements in the other fields can be mutually agreed upon between the two parties. Furthermore, the parties are expected to strive to build a solid partnership through international cooperation in education, science, and culture for improving the quality of human resources to achieve sustainable development goals.

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