Go Study Global Education China representative visited to SEAMEO CECCEP’s Office

On 6 December 2022, Prof. Vina Adriany. Ph.D, Director of SEAMEO CECCEP received Ms. Qin Ziyang, representative from Go Study Global Education China at SEAMEO CECCEP’s office. The director was accompanied by Mr. Ith Vuthy, Deputy Director for Programs and Head of Division SEAMEO CECCEP. Prof.Vina Adriany welcomed the initiative collaboration by Go Study Global Education China and SEAMEO CECCEP.

"Highly Appreciated for your visitation, and welcome to the SEAMEO CECCEP office. Hopefully, this cooperation will not only stop at the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) but continue in programs that can be collaborated. Go Study Global Education has become part of the future development of SEAMEO CECCEP. Additional information, SEAMEO CECCEP has collaborated with partners including universities, education services, and other agencies at national, regional, and international,” said Vina.

Ms. Qin Ziyang said that the visit to SEAMEO CECCEP was to collaborate on several early childhood and basic education programs. She also introduced programs implemented by Go Study Global Education. The programs include conferences and exhibitions, TVET Program (Online Training Course), Cultural Communication (international online lecture), and an online Study tour.

Go Study Global Education has a program aligned with SEAMEO CECCEP. Therefore,  SEAMEO CECCEP offers several potential programs that can be collaborated in the coming years. The programs include international conferences, training for ECCE teachers, and joint webinars.

Mr. Vuthy mentions: "We could collaborate on webinars, and the support team to conduct events. So we can improve the quality of Early Childhood teachers in China or collaborate research between Indonesia and China.”
Prof. Vina explained that SEAMEO CECCEP has the Our Happy Neighborhood (OHN) module. This module aims to realize the fulfillment of children's rights again to realize child welfare. Hopefully, this module can disrupt teachers in China. In another program, we can collaborate in ethno-parenting research to see the quality of relationships and parenting culture in China.

Prof. Vina also expected that resource persons from "Go Study Global Education China" could become resource persons related to SEAMEO CECCEP events. Then get involved in annual events or international conferences. On the other hand, SEAMEO CECCEP has a journal that must be developed, requiring collaboration to contribute to the SEACECCEP journal. Finally, this meeting was closed with a group photo session and giving token appreciation.

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