Training Batch 2: Realizing Quality ECCE through Improving care, wellbeing, and Health Services

SEAMEO Regional Center for Early Childhood Care Education and Parenting (CECCEP), International Women's University, and CIMB NIAGA conducted training in the 2nd session titled "Realizing Quality ECCE through Improving Care, Welfare and Health Services" at the Center for Education Quality or (Balai Besar Penjaminan Mutu Pendidikan- BBPMP) West Java. This training lasts for six days, from 24-29 Oktober 2022.

A total of 85 participants consisting of school principals and ECE teachers throughout West Java from Majalengka, Sumedang Regency, Cirebon City, Indramayu Regency, Garut, Tasik, Bekasi, and Purwakarta attended the training. This series of training provides material that includes the implementation of holistic, integrative early childhood development (HI-ECD) and parenting Loving care or (Pengasuhan Penuh Kesadaran dan Kasih sayang - P2K2S).

Prof. Vina Adriany (Director of SEAMEO CECCEP) said that participants could improve ECCE teacher competencies' quality through this training. "I hope early childhood education teachers can get material that can later be implemented in their respective institutions. On the other hand, this meeting is a place to learn from each other about good practices in each institution," Vina said. 

Participants also conveyed their impressions during the training. Yasir is a teacher from Karawang kindergarten, very grateful to have attended this training. Through training, he was equipped with materials on implementing HI-ECD. He will implement parenting-loving care modules in school institutions.

"I hope this training can continue to be conducted to improve the competence of ECCE teachers in Indonesia. I want to thank the entire organizing committee," Said Yasir.

The participants received holistic integrative Early Childhood Development (HI-ECD) material the next day. HI-ECD is a concept that emphasizes aspects of services that are comprehensive and integrated across sectors. The meaning of holistic education in the context of HI-ECD is the handling of early childhood as a whole/complete, which concerns education services, balanced nutrition, health, care, and protection.

In addition, integrative education is the handling of early childhood which is carried out in an integrated manner by various stakeholders at the community and government levels.

At the end of the event, this training was closed with the signing of a collaboration between SEAMEO CECCEP and International Women's University. The signing of this cooperation is the first step in a sustainable partnership. 

In the last session, International Women's University shared learning media for all participants. The provision of learning media tools is expected to help teachers in the learning process in their schools.