Blended Training Our Happy Neighbourhood

On 7 November to 16 December 2022, SEAMEO CECCEP conducted training for ECE teachers in Tasikmalaya City, West Java, Indonesia. A total of 30 participants consisting of teachers and kindergarten principals, participated in the activity in the digital laboratory building, Tasikmalaya Campus. The movement was titled "Our Happy Neighborhood," abbreviated (OHN).

This training implements the collaboration between SEAMEO CECCEP and the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI), Tasikmalaya Campus. Also attending were Ith Vuthy, M.Sc., MA (Deputy Director for Programs), Asep Subagja, S.Pd (as Head of Capacity Building Division), Iwan Aries S., M.Ti (Head of Knowledge Management Division) and staff.

Dr. Heri Yusuf Muslihin, S.Pd., M.Pd (Deputy director of the UPI Tasikmalaya) had the opportunity to open this blended training. Heri said this training helped increase insight and get new information about quality early childhood education.

"The critical point in this training is as an effort to improve the quality of teachers. It is hoped that this collaboration can continue in the form of research and teaching programs, "Said Heri.

Dr. Elan M.Pd (head of the Early Childhood Education study program) added that this training is a form of collaboration with SEAMEO CECCEP. He further explained that this collaboration includes blended training for ECE teachers, which lasts for one month, internships for students at SEAMEO CECCEP, and student exchange cooperation or bringing in international students to study at UPI.

As additional information, the Blended training of Our Happy Neighborhood is meaningful training to live as neighbours in an environment that accommodates children's essential needs and rights. With the spirit of early childhood education and care for all children and from all parties. OHN tries to provide an understanding of the importance of knowledge of children's rights, which is the basis for forming an ECE free from intolerance, violence, and legislation.

Participants study the OHN module, which consists of several materials, including:

1. Happy Children, the topic of training on children's welfare rights in fulfilling children's health and nutrition needs, and how teachers become promotive agents to open access to children's health-nutrition in collaboration with health authorities.

2. Happy Parents, a training topic that aims to build cooperation between teachers and parents based on children's participation rights in parenting. We understand together that good relations between teachers and parents impact positive parenting practices in the womb that is free of violence.

3. Happy Teachers, a topic based on child protection rights, which tries to introduce the pedagogical topic of gender equality and social inclusion as an entry point to be able to create a non-discriminatory school

4. Happy School carries the topic of child-friendly schools, where teachers are given information about implementing a safe school environment for children with the SOP to mitigate cases of bullying and sexual violence.

5. Happy Community is a topic based on the rights of children's welfare, protection, and participation that needs to be supported by all ECE stakeholders, including the government. In the HI-ECD framework, ECE units are a hub where various ECE stakeholders meet. So this module provides much information about ECE management and technical cooperation with the community.

In the end, improving the quality of early childhood education teachers requires the elaboration and cooperation of all stakeholders.