SEAMEO CECCEP Conducted OHN Training in Brunei Darussalam

Brunei Darussalam, June 10-14, 2024 - The Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Centre for Early Childhood Care Education and Parenting (SEAMEO CECCEP) conducted a training program titled "Our Happy Neighbourhoods" (OHN) in Brunei Darussalam. This event aimed to enhance the quality of teachers in supporting early childhood care education through a holistic and integrative approach. The training was attended by teachers and school principals from various regions in Brunei Darussalam.

Professor Vina Adriany Ph.D, The Director of SEAMEO CECCEP, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Government of Brunei Darussalam for the support and hospitality extended during the event. "Brunei Darussalam demonstrated its commitment to supporting quality early childhood education. We greatly appreciated the opportunity to learn and share experiences in this beautiful country," she stated.

She added, "We thanked everyone for their hard work in the success of this project activity, and we looked forward to seeing the positive impact it would produce. OHN was a module developed by SEAMEO CECCEP based on early childhood perspectives, with a holistic and integrative approach. This module emphasized the importance of collaboration in providing quality early childhood education. By introducing this module, SEAMEO CECCEP hoped to provide a conducive environment for children to grow and develop optimally.

SEAMEO CECCEP believed that young children were capable individuals with agency. It was important for us to appreciate and acknowledge their voices. Our module also adopted a holistic and integrative approach, meaning that delivering high-quality ECCE required collaborative efforts.

Madam Komalasari, M.Pd, Director of Early Childhood Education at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, emphasized that children were the most valuable asset for the future. "Therefore, it was our responsibility to provide them with an environment that was conducive to optimal growth and development. This training was a concrete step towards achieving that goal, and I believed that with the support of SEAMEO CECCEP and our collective efforts, we could achieve significant results."

"I hoped that the training participants would make the most of this opportunity, actively participate, and share experiences. May the knowledge gained from this training be applied in their respective environments, for the advancement of early childhood education in Brunei Darussalam and the Southeast Asian region," she added.

Madame Hajah Marina Chek, Director of Schools at the Ministry of Education Brunei Darussalam, in her remarks, highlighted the importance of promoting activities for early childhood and creating an inclusive school environment to prevent bullying. "All these modules were very meaningful for enhancing children's knowledge and well-being. The OHN program could have a positive impact through innovative and project-based approaches, equipping early childhood education in various situations," she stated.

This training was the result of collaboration between the Directorate of Early Childhood Education MoECRT, SEAMEO CECCEP, and the Ministry of Education Brunei. The foundation for this training was discussed two years ago in Bandung during the SEAMEO CECCEP Governing Board meeting, and now these discussions had materialized into a meaningful program.

It was hoped that this training would serve as a benchmark for future collaborations, provide significant positive impacts on early childhood education, and strengthen partnerships between SEAMEO member countries.