Parenting is a long learning Experience!

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  • September 22 , 2022

"Enjoy every moment of being with your children because that time will never repeat itself"

Childhood is only one moment and you can never go back to it. Being close with your children from a young age can help them grow up with good memories with their parents and childhood. Then family and parenting play an important role in children's growth and development and the quality of parenting and child care has an significant impact on the children’s development. On the contrary, parenting is a big challenge in Indonesia. That is what Mr. Widodo Suhartoyo (Tanoto Foundation) said during his visit at SEAMEO CECCEP(16/9).

Tanoto Foundation as a philanthropic organisation would like to discuss more about parenting program plans which emphasizes the importance of parenting in early childhood care. Ms. Fitriana Herarti (Senior ECED Specialist, Tanoto Foundation) said that there are serious concerns about parenting applied in the family. Many parents have a lack of parenting skills or even experience stress in parenting caused by many factors such as economic, cultural, educational, and social factors that have their impact on child development.

Prof. Vina Adryani, PhD. appreciated and welcomed the initiation of this program plan, she explained that SEAMEO CECCEP also invited all parties and stakeholders to pay more focus on parenting areas in reducing stunting cases. "We need collaboration in the parenting community to encourage parents and stakeholders to work together to become a surplus of energy for quality ECCE.”

The development of early childhood requires good cooperation from various parties, including parents, families, governments and other stakeholders.

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