Workshop on Early Childhood Education with Prof. Marek Tesar

Study on early childhood education and parenting has many different perspectives regarding the profile and needs of the actor involved in the study. The perspective of teachers and parents may differ from the perspective of the children or even the policy makers. When access can be the main issue for some government agencies or policy makers, teachers might struggle with quality of teaching and learning.

The topics above became the main focus of the workshop on early childhood education on Friday, 26 August 2022. This workshop took place at the SEAMEO CECCEP office in Lembang, Indonesia. The resource person of this workshop was Prof Marek Tesar, PhD. Prof Tesar is the Associate Dean International at the Faculty of Education and Social Work, University of Auckland. He is one of the Advisory Board Members of SEAMEO CECCEP as well. The participants of this workshop were the SEAMEO CECCEP staff with various backgrounds of education, not exclusively in the early childhood education area. This diversity can be an advantage for the studies in SEAMEO CECCEP.

SEAMEO CECCEP is an organisation focusing on research and development, capacity building, and advocacy with expertise in early childhood education and parenting. Considering the wide area of early childhood education and parenting, Prof Tesar believes that SEAMEO CECCEP’s expertise can be developed into many focuses that can turn into many interesting and important studies. Prof Tesar put the highlight of the workshop on several focuses such as history of childhood, overlapping and interacting discourses in ECE, and also key considerations or issues in ECE which matter the most for the centre.

The workshop is important for SEAMEO CECCEP because it might give a better understanding for the staff on perceiving, planning, implementing research and programmes in early childhood education and parenting. It is expected that the staff will come out with innovative ideas with the upcoming research and programmes in the near future.

It was noted that the workshop cannot be done in a very short period of time. The workshop will be followed up by another upcoming workshop and activities such as reading group discussions and forum group discussions.?

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