Ogan Komering Ulu Government Provides Training for Early Childhood Teachers

Director of SEAMEO CECCEP, Prof Vina Adriany PhD., appreciated the Ogan Komering Ulu Government’s effort in providing training on mindful and love caring for early childhood teachers in the respective district. The training is a collaborative agenda among SEAMEO CECCEP, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, and the Education Office of Ogan Komering Ulu. No less than 70 early childhood teachers highly participated in the training on Mindful and Love Caring or Pengasuhan Penuh Kesadaran dan Kasih Sayang (P2K2S) (8/9/22).

P2K2S is a parenting practice designed to increase parents' awareness of their role as themselves and as parents. In this training, parents are not exclusively taught on how to react properly to a parenting situation or even systematic strategy in parenting, but this training emphasizes skills in daily life and parenting situations which can improve the quality of parenting and daily interaction between parents and children.

On this occasion H. Teddy Meilwansyah, S.STP, M.M, M.Pd, (Regent of Ogan Komering Ulu) expressed his appreciation for the many enthusiastic participants who took part in this activity. He escalated the importance of quality capacity for early childhood education teachers as well. Quality early childhood education can have a significant impact on improving the quality of life of children in the future.

The Head of the Education Office hopes that participants will take this training seriously. Early childhood education is important considering that early childhood is in the golden age so it requires full attention. The Director of SEAMEO CECCEP also appreciated the role of government organizations at OKU in supporting and encouraging the importance of early childhood education. Prof Vina also expected more collaboration between SEAMEO CECCEP and the Ogan Komering Ulu Government in upcoming programmes and research.

This training consists of several sessions, there are: Module 1 about of Mindful and Compassionate Parenting, Module 2 on Parenting Stress and Automated Reactions, Module 3 about gratitude & examples of practicing gratitude, mindful breathing and mindful observation, Module 4 about talking and Mindful and Compassionate Listening), Module 5 on Mindful Personal Hygiene Practices), Module 6 on Balanced Nutrition, Food Safety, Responsive feeding.

Participants can also improve their ability to behave wisely and not take sides in the parenting situation they are experiencing. On the other hand, when parents have patience and calm in dealing with stressful parenting situations, there will be a willingness to openly accept new possibilities, and confidence in themselves and their children in overcoming difficult situations. To make this happen, it needs a good support system among parents, family, and the environment.