The follow-up to SEAMEO CECCEP Collaboration with the Education Service of Bogor, Indonesia

Director of SEAMEO CECCEP, Prof. Vina Adriany, Ph.D with the Board of Directors (BoD) and Heads of Division received a visit from the Bogor City Department of Education in the SEAMEO CECCEP’s Auditorium room (22/8) lead by the Head of Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE) of Bogor City Dra. Rika Riana R.D, M.Si.

Dra. Rika said that the purpose of this visit was to follow up on the cooperation that had been established in the previous year. “For information that last year we carried out a joint program with SEAMEO CECCEP in providing best practices for Integrative Holistic Early Childhood Development (HI-ECD).” Rika said.

This collaboration is a good opportunity in the development of the next Holistic Integrative (HI) early childhood education and the issue of stunting in the education field. Prof. Vina welcomed all the delegation from Bogor City to the SEAMEO CECCEP office to follow-up the partnership initiation at the beginning of the year.

Prof. Vina also said that SEAMEO CECCEP requires collaboration with more partners considering that SEAMEO CECCEP is just established no more than 5 years. In supporting SEAMEO CECCEP programs, the centre needs solid cooperation between the two parties. “As additional information, the Research and Development (RnD) division is currently developing a module for stunting. In addition, it is also studying ethno parenting in identifying parenting practices of local cultures”. Prof. Vina said.

On the other hand, the Capacity Building Division is also developing the Our Happy Neighbourhood (OHN) module which hopefully can be a solution among many for stunting cases. SEAMEO CECCEP already has several modules such as Mindfulness, Modul of Parenting and Loving care (P2K2S), Mindful Parenting, and HI-ECD as well.