Prof. Vina Adriany, Ph.D., discussed the Importance of Children's Rights: Provision, Protection, and Participation

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  • August 23 , 2023

Director of SEAMEO CECCEP, Professor Vina Adriany, Ph.D became a guest speaker in an interactive seminar. The seminar was organized by the early childhood education teacher education study program of Al-Azhar University Indonesia and the DKI Jakarta Education Office. The theme of the seminar was "The Importance of Early Childhood Education Before Primary School: The Role of Early Childhood Education Units in Preventing and Handling Violence for Early Childhood". This seminar was broadcast through the YouTube channel of the Jakarta Education Office and witnessed by approximately 300 participants, both academics and practitioners.

Prof. Vina Adriany explained the importance of children's rights. She called for everyone to encourage the implementation of children's rights. She mentioned that the 3 pillars of children's rights must be fulfilled. The three pillars of children's rights are the rights to protection, participation, and provision. Firstly, the Right to Protection includes a child's right to be protected from all forms of violence, exploitation, discrimination, and neglect. It also involves a child's right to have access to adequate health care, quality education, and a safe and healthy environment.

Secondly, the Right to Participation is the right of children to participate in all decisions that affect their lives, especially in matters relating to their education, culture, and society. It also includes a child's right to express their opinions, speak for themselves, and engage in social and political life. Third, children's Right to Privacy involves their right to safeguard their private lives and protect their personal data. It also includes a child's right to have access to information that is relevant to their development, without unauthorized interference.

She also explained various issues related to children's rights and protection. Children in Indonesia are often subjected to violence in the form of bullying at school and sexual violence that is often committed by close people such as family. This kind of violence often arises because children are often perceived as innocent individuals who do not have a sufficient understanding of the complex aspects of life. As a result, there is sometimes a misconception that children are unable to understand issues related to violence. Whereas, in reality, children have the ability to understand and respond to such issues.

Oftentimes in school, children have a tendency to ridicule peers based on skin color or physical appearance. Even more profoundly, children are often subjected to verbal abuse when they speak with different accents. It is important as adults to realize that children are actually capable of bullying and already have a deeper understanding of the concept of "bullying". Therefore, adults should not ignore or tolerate children's bullying behavior on the grounds that they are still at an early age, so they have the right to taunt or bully others.

If we agree that children have a voice then, we must have introduced children's participation rights. Children are not only creatures we protect but must also listen to their voices. Parents must pay attention to the principles of children's rights, namely non-discrimination, the right to live and develop properly, the right to the best interests of the child, and respect for the views of the child. Let's fulfill children's rights because not recognizing children's participation rights is another form of exploitation.

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