APCORE visited SEAMEO CECCEP office to Strengthen Education and Research Collaboration in the Asia-Pacific

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  • August 29 , 2023

The Asia-Pacific Consortium of Researchers and Educators (APCoRE) visited SEAMEO CECCEP on August 29, 2023. A total of 70 participants consisting of rectors and deans from various universities in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and India attended the SEAMEO CECCEP office in Bandung, West Java. The event was led by Dr. Julius Meneses, President of Apcore Philippines. 

Dr. Julius Meneses expressed his gratitude for the hospitality provided during the visit. He used this opportunity to introduce APCoRE as a dedicated membership-based organization that encompasses individuals, institutions, and entities with a firm mission. In essence, APCoRE strives to foster the advancement of research, knowledge dissemination, and academic principles in the vast Asia-Pacific region.

APCoRE serves as a platform that brings together academic and research professionals from the Asia Pacific Region and the rest of the world. APCoRE offers a space where its members can gather, exchange valuable experiences, and enhance their understanding of research and education.

Through various programs, APCoRE aims to facilitate collaboration and sharing of expertise among its diverse members. APCoRE provides opportunities to network, engage in scientific discussions, and keep up with the latest trends and developments in the field.

In her speech, Ith Vuthy introduced the profile of SEAMEO CECCEP. He shared the programs that have been implemented by SEAMEO CECCEP. He also offered potential collaboration programs with APCORE such as international conference programs. He explained that every 2 years SEAEMO CECCEP organizes a conference. In 2023 SEAMEO CECCEP organized the 3rd International Conference on Early Childhood Care Education and Parenting (3rd ICECCEP). The 3rd ICECCEP was held back-to-back with the Southeast Asia Policy Dialogue on Early Childhood Care and Education SEAPD on ECCE. 

APCoRE's visit to SEAMEO CECCEP signaled a strong collaborative partnership between visionary leaders and practitioners in education and research. The exchange of insights and ideas during this visit laid the foundation for a broader landscape of collaboration, innovation, and shared progress in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.  The visit is hoped to be beneficial for developing education and research in the future.

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