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  • February 27 , 2023

Bandung, 24 February 2023, Good collaboration is needed to increase cooperation in the development of early childhood education and parenting. SEAMEO CECCEP conducted a blended meeting with the ASEAN Secretariat and UNICEF EAPRO. This meeting aims to synergize in improving the quality of early childhood and parenting. 

Mr. Roger Yap Chao Jr, Assistant Director and Head of Education Youth and Sports Division (ESYD), Ms. Amalia Serrano, ESYD Senior officer, and also Mr. Muhammad Dika Harliadi, ESYD Officer, presented the event synchronously at the SEAMEO CECCEP office. On the other hand, Mrs. Anna Rodriques, as the representative of UNICEF EAPRO attended the meeting via zoom. Prof. Vina Adriany, Ph. D, the SEAMEO CECCEP director, and all SEAMEO CECCEP staff welcome this meeting with open arms. 

Mr. Roger hopes that through this meeting, SEAMEO CECCEP and ASEAN can work collaboratively to be able to plan advocacy, especially in the development of early childhood education and parenting. He also explained the principles regarding the ASEAN work plan in 2021-2025 is to always uphold the principles of quality, equity, and inclusion in education. As for him, it is important to develop the regional program partnership policies, as well as monitor and ensure that men and women can access early childhood care and education equally, children's readiness to enter primary school, and comprehensive early childhood education.

In line with the statement. Prof. Vina also stated the importance of regional policies, partnerships, and monitoring mechanisms in place to support wider access to early childhood education and parenting. 

On the other side, Prof. Vina highlighted the importance of regional policies, partnerships, and existing monitoring mechanisms to support wider access to quality ECD. She also explained that currently, SEAMEO CECCEP is preparing a policy brief that aims to provide input to policymakers related to Universal Child Care.

Additionally, Mrs. Anna conveyed UNICEF’s plan for 2023-2024 and it was found out that their plan programs are not different from ASEAN itself. Meanwhile, the details of UNICEF's future plans include strengthening the parenting service system in promoting a safe learning environment to realize the rights of every child from an early age to adolescence, especially for neglected and disadvantaged children.

The collaboration is not only about the institution, but it is also about how we try to give more advantages to children. Mr. Roger welcomed with the hope that this contribution can increase the assistance from the government, so we must do this collaboration, and believe we can make benefit early childhood.

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