Developing Competencies through Internship in SEAMEO CECCEP

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  • February 14 , 2023

SEAMEO Regional Center for Early Childhood Care Education and Parenting (CECCEP) has provided  opportunities for students to develop soft skills and work experience by opening internship programs. Many students who have met the terms and conditions needed by the centre joined this program. There are 16 students successfully passed the internship recruitment selection conducted by SEAMEO CECCEP in 2023. This internship program is held from February 13 to June 30, 2023.

On February 13, 2023, SEAMEO CECCEP held a welcoming ceremony for students who passed the recruitment process. Prof. Vina Adriany opened the ceremony. and in her remarks, she said that this internship program was a place for students to develop their potential. She also said that through this internship, students could get real work experience.

In addition, this program allows students to learn how to upgrade their soft skills. During the internship activities, students will be monitored by coordinators and guided by mentors according to the position that they applied. They not only receive guidance on how to improve their technical skills but also they will be encouraged to sharpen their potential through activities in division.

The internship program that is organized by SEAMEO CECCEP 2023 is very essential for students to gain experience according to their interest, especially students who are interested in research, capacity building, advocacy, and partnerships. This program is implemented using blended mode.

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