SEAMEO CECCEP and Action Against Stunting Hub

Stunting has become a major issue in the education and health system in Indonesia. Many government programs have been relocated in stunting issue focus. SEAMEO CECCEP needs to accommodate this national campaign in preventing stunting into the centre's programmes and activities.

SEAMEO CECCEP and Action Against Stunting Hub has already done some collaboration research since 2019 in order to provide contribution in preventing stunting in Indonesia.

Action Against Stunting Hub is a focal point working across disciplines and communities to build up a comprehensive research picture of the whole child approach, enabling joined-up, child-centred interventions to accelerate gains and help millions of children reach their full potential.

The study is being held in 2019-2024 in three countries: India, Indonesia, and Senegal involving 17 partners. Among the partners are London International Development Centre, World Agroforestry, Public Health Foundation of India, International Initiative for Impact Evaluation, The University of Sheffield, University of Brighton, and University of Aberdeen. In Indonesia, East Lombok is chosen to be the study location.

The objective of the study is to explicate the synergies, interactions and relative strengths and directionality between the drivers of stunting: physical, home, food system, and education. In the end, the study is hoped to deliver a decision-support tool which collates existing and new knowledge in order to better identify the impact of interventions. This is an interdisciplinary study with the whole child approach across the four inter-linked environments from physical, home, and education to the wider food environment.

In this study with Action Against Stunting Hub, SEAMEO CECCEP provides a significant role in the education part of the study. In this component, the child’s development will be assessed, such as intelligence, motoric, social-emotional, and language. In addition, learning environments in early childhood will be explored so the best learning tool kit as a learning aid for the ECE teachers can be developed. All components will be explored by considering the vales prevailing in the community to formulate a decision support tool as more effective stunting prevention effort.

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